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A writing buddy asked my advice
about her cover.
She wasn’t certain
if her cover reflected her story.

So I asked for her blurb
(i.e. marketing copy).
Her blurb was BAD,
all caps.
That’s how bad it was.

She, however, loves her blurb.
It was challenging
but I limited my advice to her cover.
She wouldn’t have listened
to my advice about her blurb.
She doesn’t think she needs advice.

Chip Bell shares

“Make sure
the protégé is as eager to improve
as you are to see him improve.
You may learn that
the protégé has already determined
what to do
and has little need for your advice.
Your goal is to hear
the protégé say something like,
“Yes, I’ve been concerned about that as well.”
As Abraham Lincoln said,
“A person convinced against his will
is of the same opinion still.””

If you want your advice to be taken,
give it to someone
who wants it.

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