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Success is a long road.
For some of us,
it is never ending.
Once we achieve success,
we set another success benchmark.

So I truly believe in enjoying every step.

Right now,
I’m on a killer deadline
(and writing these blog posts
while completely drained,
an hour or two before they go live
and minutes before I sleep).
It’s tough going
but there are moments of pure joy.
I’m also learning,
becoming a better writer
and a better person.

As Ilene Gordon,
CEO of Ingredion,

“It’s a mistake
to always be looking
towards what’s next in your career:
it’s very important
to really enjoy every position
you’re in.

The question should be
‘what skills do I need
to get to the next level?’
not ‘when are you going
to give me that job?’”

Enjoy this moment.

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