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I was born with a heart defect.
Every time,
I see my doctor,
he’s amazed I’m still alive.

I have always known
that today could be my last day on Earth.
I’m not waiting,
as some of my friends are,
until age 65
to write a novel,
travel to Russia,
launch a business.
I have done and am doing these things now.
I’m also very conscious of
how I’d like to be remembered.

Donovan Campbell
in The Leader’s Code

“I believe that most great leaders,
whether consciously or unconsciously,
begin their leadership journey
by internalizing man’s mortality.
Understanding that
our days are finite
makes each day an infinite gift.
A limited number of actions
means that every action counts.
No day is irrelevant,
no action is insignificant,
no choice is inconsequential.”

How would you like to be remembered
and what are you doing TODAY
to achieve this?

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