By k | July 9, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Since Yahoo announced their staffing changes,
there has been some debate over
whether or not remote workers are effective.

This is a big company debate.
For you and I
and many other entrepreneurs,
there’s no choice.
Remote workers,
other partners working off-site,
are essential to our businesses.

We HAVE to learn how to manage them.
Part of this is learning
how to communicate effectively.

As Sarah Johnson

“Use simple, actionable statements.
When sending email,
be clear, concise, and up-front
about why you are writing.
Do you want a response today?
Do you need the recipient
to make a decision?
Say so.
Avoid trying to be humorous
— and save the small talk for phone calls.

Speaking of the phone,
don’t be afraid to use it
after exchanging several emails
about one topic.”

You MUST learn how to manage
workers/contractors/business partners
who work off-site.

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