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We buy on emotion.
Successful marketing campaigns
appeal to emotions.

One of the most common emotions
marketing appeals to
is fear.

But what is fear?

Fear isn’t danger.
Once danger happens,
it isn’t as scary.
We deal with the danger.

Fear is the THREAT of danger.
This danger must anticipated.
The danger is in the future.
The future can be two seconds from now
but it isn’t now.

There’s also a big difference
between suspense and surprise.
With surprise, there’s no anticipation,
no warning.
Sh*t just happens.

Suspense is the anticipation
that something will happen.
Saying there’s a surprise gift
with every purchase
is suspense.
Purchasers know they’ll get something.
Suspense drives behavior and purchases.
Surprise doesn’t.

Emotions sell.
Know what these emotions truly are.

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