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Metaphors are EXTREMELY powerful tools
for communication.

As Bruna Martinuzzi

“The simplest definition of a metaphor is that
it helps us understand one thing
by referring
to another.
A metaphor deepens our understanding
by comparing the unfamiliar with the familiar,
the theoretical with the concrete,
the complex with the simple.”

The challenge with metaphors
is if we use a too common metaphor
like “thinking outside the box”,
listeners might tune us out
but if we use a too obscure metaphor,
listeners might become confused.

What I do
is customize the metaphor
for the audience.
Instead of using
“Think outside the box”
with Science Fiction Romance readers,
I might use
“Think outside your own solar system.”
With Paranormal Romance readers,
I might use
“Think outside your own species.”

The message is the same
but the metaphor is fresher.

Consider using metaphors
in your communications.

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