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When I mentor a new writer,
I usually start the relationship
with a story about a mistake I’ve made
and learned from.

This shows trust.
I’m trusting them
not to talk about my mistakes
with other people.

This also shows
everyone makes mistakes
and mistakes aren’t
anything to be ashamed of.

The learning part is also key.
They should be learning
from their mistakes
and I WILL ask them
what they’ve learned.

As Jennifer Przybylo
& Nina Vasan

“Make yourself more relatable
by sharing a big mistake you made,
a regret you have,
or something you’d do differently in hindsight.
Such a confidence makes it easier for us
to admit our own struggles
and helps us see
that failures are natural pit stops
on the road to success.

Step off the pedestal we’ve placed you on,
and remind us that
even the Greek gods could be fallible
like mortals.”

When mentoring,
share your mistakes.

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