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When I give away a free story or scene,
I ensure it is a complete story or scene.
There aren’t any cliffhangers,
any huge questions left unanswered.

This shows readers
that I won’t leave them hanging
at the end of the stories
they’ve paid for.
This shows
I can tell a complete story
(something not all writers do).

As Mike Figliuolo

“Once we take the stage,
we give our entire methodology away.
We teach the folks in the audience
the ENTIRE framework.
They LEARN something
while they’re with us.
Of course at the end
we make our contact info available
and gently mention we teach classes
and provide coaching on the subjects
we speak on.
And then the magic happens
– clients ask us to come work with them.


They’ve seen the entire methodology
and can envision how it can apply
to their organization
(rather than having to divine
what the secret 8 steps are
and if they’ll be relevant to their teams).
They’ve seen that we’re confident
in the quality of our content and our instructors.
And most importantly,
they’ve seen we are genuinely interested
in participants walking away from a seminar
with real, practical knowledge they can apply
(which isn’t possible
if they’re missing the 8 secret steps).”

Give your prospects
a complete sample.
This sample will be smaller, of course,
but have the same components
that are important
to the full-priced product.

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