By k | June 21, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

You have a lot of traffic
coming to your site
you don’t see the corresponding sales.

What is going wrong?

One of the issues might be
that searchers
aren’t finding what they’re looking for
right away.
They click on an ad for your mobile product
and are directed to a home page
filled with all of your products
or worse, a page for an unrelated product.

As Ken Lyons
of the search-engine marketing company

“If visitors click on your ads,
social media posts or blog links
expecting to find one thing
—but instead are led to a seemingly irrelevant page,
they end up confused and frustrated.
You might even lose their trust
in the process.”

Your website has pages for a reason.
Send viewers to the correct page.

(When I have a huge ad campaign,
I also put the book/product I’m promoting
on my home page.)

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