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As we move into the summer months,
some of us are considering
hiring high school students to help
with projects.

The key to hiring students is…
assume they know absolutely nothing.
This is great
because many of them
don’t have bad work habits
(they are often also
full of exciting new ideas, insights and energy)
but it can also be challenging
because we need to guide them
in every aspect of the job.

As recruiter
Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
shares in
The Costco Connection

“Define all aspects of the job,
including punctuality, scheduling
and how to work with customers.

Make sure the employees also know
what you don’t want them
to do on the job,
such as texting,
talking on the phone and
chatting with friends who stop by.

Make expectations, requirements
and milestones clear -
and be consistent with
rewards or consequences.”

Factor in extra management time
when hiring high school students.

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