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One of my past managers
was so moody,
we had a signal
to tell other people
what type of mood
he was in.

If the blue flag was up,
he was in a bad mood.
If the blue flag was down,
he was in a good mood.

Working for him was extremely stressful.
As soon as I located another job,
I left.

As Karen Wright,
author of
The Complete Executive,
shares in
the May/June Costco Connection

“You’re up one day
and down the next.
No problem -
the people who work for you
can just go with the flow, right?

“Your people need to know
the difference between a mood swing
and a major business issue.
Help them out
by staying on an even keel
at least 90 per cent
of the time.”

Manage your own mood swings
so others won’t have to.

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