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For almost three years,
I published stories with an OK publisher.
The sales weren’t bad enough
to force a change
but they weren’t good enough
to help me meet my readership goals.

the publisher’s status changed,
from OK to bad.
I switched to a GREAT publisher
and kicked myself for
not switching sooner.

OK is deadly,
including the OK employee.

In February’s Entrepreneur,
Mel Kleiman,
founder of Humetrics,

“The worst person to hire
is not a bad employee;
it’s an OK employee.


If you get a bad employee,
you figure out pretty quickly
they’re bad
and get rid of them.
If you hire someone who is OK,
then at least they’re OK,
and you have too many things to do
besides finding someone better
so you just leave them in the job.

Mediocrity is a slow death.”

Eliminate the OK.
OK is not good enough.

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