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One of my writing names
is branded as humorous yet sensual.
Under this name,
I participate in character play.
I share terrible and often naughty puns.
It is an act (one facet of my personality)
but it is an act I believe in.

I’m THAT person.

Some readers (my readers) love it.
Some readers (not my readers) hate it.
But they all embrace it
as being authentic, consistent, real.

Daymond John,
Founder of FUBU,

“You have to really understand your brand
and convince yourself first.

For example,
Richard Simmons has no problem being goofy;
he plays up who he is.
He’s not trying to act
like the P90X guy.

Once you understand who you are,
put it out there and own it,
people will accept it.”

Sell yourself on your brand first.

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