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I receive an email a day
from bloggers
asking to write a guest post
for Clientk.
I hope this is spam
because I can think
of no other viable excuse
for NOT doing research
on a web-based venture.

Actually there’s no other viable excuse
for not doing research
on ANY venture.

As Mike Michalowicz

“When you go to pitch that big prospect,
are your first words to them,
“Tell me about your business?”

If so,
you just offended them
because you didn’t make the effort
to learn about them.

They won’t tell you that.
They simply won’t hire you.

Go in with all the research
under your belt
before you start talking.
Then tell them what you know about them,
and ask them to correct you
where you may be wrong
(which you won’t be,
because you did the research).”

A salesman buddy has Google alerts
placed on all of his customers
and on key words in his industry.
It really is THAT easy.

Do your research on your prospect.

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