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Once I had my first taste
of contract work and freelancing,
I knew I would never be a full-time employee again.

Why would I?

As long as I kept my skills finely-honed
(and that is KEY),
I could work for any company I wanted
for however long I wanted.
I could work a freebie contract
with a start up or charity
one week
and the next week,
work for a Fortune 500 company.
I could manage a different type of project
every month.
It was so freeing!

I suspect more and more
highly skilled professionals
will discover what I did.

As Fabio Rosati shares

“Today there are some
14 million full-time online freelancers
in America alone.
By 2020,
it’s estimated
that one in three workers worldwide
will be freelancing online.”

“With so many workers
making the shift to self-employment,
large enterprise businesses
will now require a hybrid workforce
of full-time and freelance teams.

Small businesses, on the other hand,
may well be manned exclusively
by freelancers from around the globe
—with few workers ever having set foot
on the premises of the companies
they’re paid by.”

Can you use freelance employees
in your business start up?

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