By k | February 26, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Two years ago,
four writing buddies and I
started working
what we half-jokingly call
the world domination plan.

At that time,
we were below mid list
eBook exclusive writers.

four of the five of us
have book deals with New York Publishers
(the Fortune 500 or rather Fortune 5 of publishing).
Three of us will be proving our sales first
in eBook format.
One of us will go straight to print.
(One of us has put her writing career on hold)

That’s after a mere two years
of concentrating on our careers,
of pushing each other to achieve.

I’m an extremely driven person
but I know I wouldn’t have pushed so hard
if they hadn’t kept me honest,
telling me to write 500 more words,
to submit my stories to one more publisher,
to answer a call for submission
I was certain I didn’t have time to answer.

Two years of concentrated effort
has made a big difference in my career.
The support of four other people
with their own views of success
has also made a difference.

Draft your own world domination plan
and then WORK it.

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