By k | February 24, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

Many of us have a list of careers
we’d like to try
(or businesses we’d like to launch).

For example:
I knew I wanted
to work for a couple of Fortune 500 companies
I’ve always admired.
I also knew I wanted
to write romance novels.

I wanted to try
both of these careers
but I realized this would be easier
to do
if I arranged my list in a logical order.

I tried
the careers
requiring formal education
and favoring youth over age
(the Fortune 500 companies)
I had a blast.
I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.

And now I’m exploring the careers
not requiring a formal education
and favoring age/life experience over youth
(writing romance novels).

Look at the careers
on your life wish list.
Can you put them in a more logical order?

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