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When I’m in,
what I call,
the writing cave,
nothing disturbs me.
A train could roll behind my chair
and I wouldn’t notice.

The writing cave isn’t a place.
It is a mindset.
When I’m writing,
I’m writing.
I’m not checking email.
I’m not thinking about dinner.
The only thing in my head
is the story.

In May 2012’s
Men’s Health,
Matt Kemp shares

“Sometimes you’ll have a bad at-bat
and then take your anger into the field
and misplay a fly ball.
Or you’ll make an error in the field
and then do something wrong
on the base paths.

What Davey
[the Dodgers First Base Coach]
stressed was,

‘When you’re a hitter,
be a hitter.
Block everything else out.

Whatever you’re doing,
focus on what you need to do in that role.
Don’t carry over negative feelings.’”

Focus is very powerful.
Develop it.
Use it.

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