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Direct Mail is still a viable marketing tactic,
especially for businesses
appealing to a local market.

The United States Postal Service
outlines some direct mail don’ts
in A Marketer’s How-To
(and Why-To)
Guide To Using
Direct Mail.

These include

-Begin your Direct Mail campaign
without a clear, measurable objective.

-Overwhelm the reader
with too much copy or graphics
so your offer or call to action gets lost.

-Mistake income for interest
- just because people can afford your product
doesn’t mean they want it.

-Assume you know
what your customers want or need
- use your mailpiece to ask them directly.

-Mark your pieces “urgent’ when they’re not
- customers feel misled
and will likely ignore your messages
in the future.”

In other words,
know why you’re marketing,
communicate what you’d like prospects to do,
target the right prospects,
figure out what your prospects want,
and don’t lie to them.

These are great tips
for every marketing campaign.

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