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Many new writers will be super protective
to the point of paranoia
about their story ideas.
They’ll develop the story idea
in isolation,
write in isolation,
revise in isolation,
and then submit their story to publishers/agents.

These paranoid writers usually don’t sell.


Because they have no idea
what a good idea is.

Established writers will pitch story ideas
to agents, editors, or trusted writing buddies
BEFORE they write the story.
If there’s excitement,
they’ll write the story.
If there’s no excitement,
they’ll revise the idea
or move to the next story idea.

Entrepreneurs are often no better
at judging their own product ideas.
Successful serial entrepreneurs
have advisers they talk to about ideas.
They don’t develop products in isolation.

Don’t tell the world
about your idea
before you’re ready to go to market
but DO consider telling a trusted somebody.

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