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When I first started writing romance,
I was told I had a modern, contemporary voice
so I wrote modern, contemporary romances.

Paranormal romances were hot sellers
but I stuck to contemporary romance
because that was what I wrote.
I held out for years.

Then my contemporary romance muse
went on holiday
and, for fun, I tried writing a paranormal romance.

I found more joy in writing that paranormal romance
than in all of my contemporary romances combined.

I missed out on fun AND sales
because I was too stubborn
to try something new.

As Bruna Martinuzzi shares
“If we want to accomplish anything,
we need to continually update what we do.

An advertisement from
The Boston Consulting Group reads:
“There are no old roads to new directions.”

We become stale
when we continue to do the same thing
over and over.

A business owner who prides himself
on being “old school”
may deprive himself of the opportunity
to learn the art and science
of engaging a modern workforce.”

Try something new.

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