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I know I’m most creative in the mornings
so when I plan my day,
I complete my fresh writing early.

I promo (and usually blog)
late at night
when my brain is dead.

Jason Womack,
author of
Your Best Just Got Better:
Work Smarter,
Think Bigger,
Make More,

suggests, when planning your day,
you should ask

“When do you
have the most focused energy
during the day?

When are you
most effective at doing
specific hard to get done tasks?

When are you
best at accomplishing goals
that required broad thinking?

You can then divide the day into sections
and match activities to daily zones,
including tasks that need to get done today
in order for your business to move forward;
long-term strategic thoughts,
conversations or meetings;
and the mechanics of the day,
such as email, travel and phone calls.”

Don’t fight your body or your brain.
Plan your day around
when best you perform the tasks
you need to complete.

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