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In my SciFi romance novels,
I often use existing languages,
instead of making up alien languages.

I do this for a good reason
(because knowledge of an existing language
- even a seldom used language
- would be more useful to my readers
than learning a fictional language)
but I’m aware that
some readers might feel ‘tricked’
and this could damage sales.

Trust between a writer and her reader
(her customer)
is very important.
The reader has to trust
the writer will deliver on the story promise,
giving her a product she’ll enjoy.
Any sort of deceit damages this trust.

So I wrote a blog post,
telling readers exactly what I’m doing
and why I’m doing this.
I’m open when asked about my languages.
I don’t try to conceal anything.

Although this approach has drawn some sneers
from ’serious’ SciFi writers,
readers either don’t care
or they love it.

And I don’t have to worry
about deceiving anyone.

In this age of information,
honesty IS the best policy.

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