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During the eliminations of
the special-effects make-up competition show
Face Off,
the best contestants stay with the judges,
the worst contestants stay with the judges,
and the middle of the road contestants
are sent off-screen.

These ‘average’ contestants are ’safe’
but they don’t receive any more publicity.
The judges then spend the rest of the show
talking about the best and the worst contestants.

This mirrors real life.
We talk about great products,
we talk about terrible products,
and we don’t talk about average products.

The results for the best and worst contestants
mirror real life also.
The worst contestants (at least one of them)
are fired.
The best contestants (at least one of them)
are rewarded,
given experiences to make them even better.

The strong get stronger.
The weak die.
The average are ignored.

Strive to be the strongest,
whether in a specific niche
or a specific skill.

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