By k | January 6, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Recently, one of my publishers moved
to a new website.
It was a challenging move,
fraught with issues
and to compound the problems,
one of my stories released
in the middle of the change.

Some of the other release writers
bellyached about how it would hurt sales.
I wasn’t thrilled
but I knew bellyaching about it
wasn’t going to sell more books.

So the optimists (including myself)
banded together
and we made a game out of the site change.
We highlighted new features
and we found creative uses for them.

I made my cover models dance.
Another writer had fun with the zoom feature.
We created crazy reminders for workarounds to bugs.
“Do this first for a smooth sexy purchase”
or “Failure to do this first will result in alien abduction.”
It was silly
but it was memorable
and it sold books,
retaining readers.

With the right attitude,
even a website roll out disaster can be fun.

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