By k | December 23, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Once we train ourselves
to look for business ideas,
we see them everywhere.

Entrepreneurs evaluate these ideas,
choose the best one
and work on that ONE idea.

The problem is…
we continue to see ideas everywhere.
To be successful,
we have to resist the urge
to jump quickly
from one idea to another.

Writers have the same problem
(except we call them plot bunnies).

When I get a new idea,
I tell a loved one.
He has been instructed to grill me
on that new idea.
He asks me how this idea
- brings me closer to my goals
- fits into my current branding
- is better than my previous idea
I’m forced to evaluate this idea rationally,
not emotionally,
and I’m reminded of my goals.

I usually park the idea,
putting it in a dedicated notebook,
and then I focus on my original project.

Learn how to deal with your new ideas
and allow your current ideas
the opportunity to be successful.

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