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I’m still a relatively new romance writer
(my most successful pen name is only 3 years old)
with a small but growing readership base.

I can’t compete with the best selling writers
on the marketing strategies they use.
I don’t have the bookstore distribution.
I don’t have the readership base
for book signings.
I don’t yet have the sales
to put my book on a best selling list.

However, there ARE promotions I can do
that better selling writers can’t,
promotions that will differentiate me
from these writers.

My relationship with my readers
is higher touch.
I know their names.
I know their likes, dislikes, concerns.
I host an online chat
and can personally invite them.
I use their names in my stories
and dedicate stories to them.

These tactics have been very successful for me,
so successful that in a couple of years,
I won’t be able to use them anymore.

Barry Moltz shares

“As a small independent retailer,
it is nearly impossible to compete
on price or reach
with the bigger stores.
Instead, emphasize buying local
and how it helps keep the community economically strong.
Do joint promotions
with other local business owners.
Emphasize local value over price.”

Don’t compete with the big boys.

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