By k | November 23, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

If I had a dollar
for every person who told me
they were going to write a book,
I’d be ridiculously rich.

Very few of those people
will ever write a book though.
They’re talkers, not doers
and they have a zillion excuses
why they don’t write.

As Mike Figliuolo shares

“Doers don’t accept excuses.
They say “no” to distractions
and get crap done
(hence the name “doers”).
Every day they focus on
a few objectives
that get them closer

to their ultimate goal.
It might be writing a business plan,
sending 10 emails to prospects,
writing a blog post or chapter of a book,
or writing some lines of code.

Regardless of what it is,
something happens every day.
That kind of focus
both on the long term goal and
on moving toward it regularly
is what differentiates
a doer from a talker.”

Get crap done
every single day.

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