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Today, being Halloween,
you’ll likely hear the urban legends
around razor blades being placed in apples
or tainted candy.

These are myths.
In Made To Stick,
authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath
“The researchers,
sociologists Joel Best and Gerald Horiuchi,
studied every reported Halloween incident
since 1958.
They found no instances
where strangers caused children
life-threatening harm on Halloween
by tampering with their candy.”

Yet many parents believe this myth.
The media believes this myth.
Lawmakers believe this myth.

THIS is how powerful
a story can be.

It is the Coke ’secret’ formula
(something any food scientist can tell you).*
It is Roswell.
It is that Apple products can’t get viruses.

THIS is how powerful
YOUR product’s story can be.

*There are so many myths around Coca-Cola,
that they have a name - Cokelore.

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