By k | October 26, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I grew up on a farm.
On a farm,
children start working
before they start talking.

I did child-appropriate work
but I contributed,
gaining a habit for hard work,
a pride in contributing,
a sense of family.
Same of my happiest memories
happened while working side-by-side
with my siblings.

In a restaurant makeover show
I watched last night,
one owner was torn
about not spending more time with her kids.
The expert’s solution?
Include the kids in some of the tasks.
The kids bellyached at first
but soon happily embraced the change,
tagging along as the owner bought ingredients
and setting the tables pre-opening.

As entrepreneurs,
we have an unique opportunity.
We can involve our children
and other loved ones
in our ventures,
in our dreams.

Consider taking your child to work.

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