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‘No’ is one of the most emotion-laden words
we can use.
It is infused with negativity,
with rejection,
both past and present.

So many saleswomen avoid using this word.

As JJ Ramberg shares

“Never say no to a potential customer.
I learned this from Kimberly and Katherine Corps
from Pilates on Fifth.

I was sitting in their reception area one day
and a woman came in
and asked the receptionist,
“Do you have yoga here?”
And the receptionist answered,
“We have pilates and cardiolates,
have you tried one of those?”

What a smart response.
Most people would have replied
“No,we don’t have yoga,”
and the woman would have walked out the door.

Instead, by finding a way around saying no,
the receptionist got this woman interested in cardiolates
and she ended up signing up for a class!”

Avoid saying ‘no’ to a prospective customer.

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