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I’m a big fan of to-do lists.
I start the day
with list of what I wish to accomplish
arranged in the order of importance.

As I accomplish the tasks,
I cross them off the list.
It gives me a sense of satisfaction.
It ensures that I focus
on key tasks first.
I’m driven to complete the list.

As Jacob Harper shares

“Make a list and
go through it methodically.
The list is one of the simplest
and most ignored relics
of the pen and paper age.
There is something viscerally satisfying
about manually crossing a task off the list.
Without a “guide” to the work
that needs to get done,
we’ll tend to forget what needs to be done.

Make your brain a chores list,
and don’t let it go play
until the chores are done.
No excuses.”

To-Do lists work for me.
They could work for you too.

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