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Having worked in
the quick service restaurant industry,
I know how precious menu real estate is.
Restaurants spend hundreds of hours,
using years of experience
and the insight of the top experts,
when designing a menu.


Because a menu can make the difference
between a restaurant succeeding
and a restaurant failing.

And everything, even a symbol,
is important.

Ever wonder why many menus
don’t have dollar signs next to the price?

As menu engineer
Gregg Rapp

“Dollar signs remind people of money.
You open the menu,
and there (are) 100 items with 100 dollar signs.
If you take those off,
it softens the pricing.”
(i.e. patrons order)

Appetizing descriptions sell.
Placing an expensive item
beside an even more expensive item
increases the odds
the expensive item will be ordered.
Bundling items into a meal
hides the cost of individual items.

And that’s only a fraction
of what menu designers consider.

“But, but, but I don’t run a restaurant,”
you say.
Do you have a price list?
Do you have a web-based storefront?
If yes, you should put as much thinking
into these designs.

Put thought into your design.
Your business will thank you.

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