By k | September 26, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

I’m an alpha female.
My natural inclination
is to be strong,
to not show weakness
or lack of knowledge.

Looking at me,
folks might assume
I don’t need mentoring.

But everyone needs mentoring.
Mentoring makes the good better,
the strong stronger.
It speeds up success.
It allows us to learn
from other people’s mistakes
AND successes.

So I ask for mentoring.
I don’t wait for mentors
to come to me.
I decide whom I wish to learn from
and I approach them.

I usually tiptoe into being mentored.
I’ll ask an author
“How do you sell so well
on Amazon?”
I’ll ask a saleswoman
“What is your best closing technique?”
I ask.
I listen.
I implement.
I ask for their feedback
on how I could have improved.

If you want to be mentored,
don’t wait to be asked.
YOU do the asking.

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