By k | September 23, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I haven’t checked the stats
on Clientk
in a couple of years.
I don’t know
if one person reads this blog
or five thousand people read this blog.

Because the number doesn’t matter.
I write this blog to help others,
whether that is one other
or five thousand others,
and I write this blog
to stay current,
to push my continuous education.

Of course, I could easily check
the number of readers.
I could track how long readers spend
reading each post.
I could track what sites they visit
before and after Clientk.
There are a zillion measurements
I could check.

But every measurement I check
takes time
and more dangerously,
every measurement I check
has the opportunity
to steal my focus.

If I check the number of readers
and I have only one reader,
I might decide
a) writing these posts
aren’t worth my time
b) I should market this blog.

Neither of these outcomes
help me achieve my goals for this blog.

That is why
I measure what matters
and nothing more.

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