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When I write heroes,
I often make them bad boys,
males with edge,
males who aren’t always nice.

Because readers don’t like nice.
Nice is boring.

As a blogger,
you don’t want to be boring.
Boring blogs aren’t read.

Steve Cody,
founder of Rep Man Blog,

“Too many bloggers are too nice.
That means that,
while they may write passable copy,
it’s too often bland and boring.
Many are also afraid
to tackle the more difficult issues
in their profession.

I’ve taken a different tack.
I’ve blogged about such controversial PR topics
as the near domination of our industry
by young, white females
and the dangers of engaging with serial clients
(notorious CMOs who change PR firms
as often as they change socks).”

You don’t have to cuss
or wear leather
or fight the establishment
to be edgy.
You simply have to say
what other people aren’t saying.

Be edgy.
Make a difference.

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