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One of the best experiences I had
during my recent Alaskan cruise
was visiting the Hammer Museum
in Haines.

Yes, a Hammer Museum.
The entrance fee was $3
but the experience was priceless.

I didn’t have a passion for hammers.
Heck, before visiting the museum,
I didn’t even know
there was more than one kind of hammer.
(The Hammer Museum has thousands)

But I was immediately swept up
in the owners’ passion for hammers.
Each hammer was carefully displayed,
with a card sharing its (often humorous) history.
Many hammers had copies of the patents.

There were hammers all over the world
including a hammer that was used
to build the pyramids in Giza.

I felt the love of hammers
and by the end of the tour,
I shared that love.
I’ll never look at hammers the same way again.

Passion sells.
Remember that
when you talk about your own products.

The Hammer Museum will soon expand
into Mallets and Nails
which the owners are as passionate about.

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