By k | August 25, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

Yes, I know it is only August
and Black Friday is a long way off,
but as John Jantsch reminds us
“The time to prepare your business
for these mega-shopping days is
right now.
You don’t want to put your planning off
until October or November.
Other businesses,
especially the big box and mall stores,
have begun planning
for the upcoming holiday shopping season
at the beginning of the year
(if not sooner).
So don’t let yourself get left behind.”

If you think you’re too busy
to plan for Black Friday now,
during the usually slower summer,
how do you think
you’ll manage planning for these sales
when business gets busy?

Do a little bit extra every day
and you’ll be prepared by Black Friday.

Prepare for Black Friday now.

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