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I’m entering a contest
hosted by a consumer product goods company.
There is one big prize
and a few minor prizes.
Customers can enter multiple times.

I’ve entered two dozen times.
Clearly, I’m a heavy user of the product.
Even though I indicated
that the company could contact me,
they haven’t.
They haven’t sent me a coupon.
They haven’t thanked me
for being a loyal customer.
They haven’t responded at all.

In the autoreply world,
this borders on disrespectful.

Sending a thank you
for being a customer
and choosing your product
is expected.
When I indicate I want to be contacted,
contact me.

Sending a coupon
or a free sample
to every entrant
turns everyone into a winner,
creating a positivity around the brand.
Doing this without announcing it
gives entrants a reason to talk about the contest
and the company,
creating that word of mouth promo
companies benefit from.

Create a contest
with no losers.

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