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Crying at work
can be a career kiss of death.
Women are assumed
to be emotional basketcases
so when we cry,
our hopes of being taken seriously,
being thought capable of rational decision making,
goes down the toilet.

We all have our tricks
to manage emotion.

Being a natural introvert,
I act at business gigs,
playing the role
of a social career woman.
So when something terrible happens,
it happens to my character,
not to me.
I don’t take it as personally.

I also ensure I have a good solid cry
in private
at least once a week.
Yes, ONCE a week.
I watch an emotional movie.
I read a really great romance novel.
I listen to heart-wrenching music.
This drains my emotion,
allowing me to manage it.

And when something emotional happens
at a business gig
that I can’t handle,
I walk briskly away
and find a private place.
There’s a reason bathroom stalls
have doors.

Emotion isn’t a bad thing.
It can be a great thing,
a powerful asset.

But it should be managed.
Manage your emotions.

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