By k | July 28, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Running your own business
is tough.
It can be grueling and tiring.
Sometimes you wonder why you do it.

So remind yourself.

Tom Harnish suggests

“Put on a pair of pantyhose
or a necktie (or both)
and try to get a “real job.”
It’ll remind you
why you started your business
to begin with,
and why it’s so much better than
“working for the man.”"

One of my former bosses
called these look-see’s.
You look at jobs,
go on interviews
and see if you’re still employable.

For entrepreneurs,
look-see’s remind us
why we’re working on OUR dreams
rather than assisting
someone else with their dream.

Regain your entrepreneurial mojo
by reminding yourself
why you don’t want to be an employee.

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