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Kristen Stewart announced yesterday
that she slept with her boss,
her “Snow White and the Huntsman”
director Rupert Sanders.

This type of admission is rare.
There’s a reason why it is rare.
Because no one,
other than tabloids,
wants to hear it.

The coworker of a friend of mine
slept with her boss
and admitted to it.

Not only was every promotion,
every raise,
every project she was given,
now suspect
but every female coworker
had to defend
her promotions,
her raises,
her projects.

My friend,
a happily married women,
and a hard working professional,
was asked if
she was also sleeping with the boss.
(That answer was “no.”)

My friend eventually left the company
because she couldn’t shake
a reputation she had never earned.

If you’re sleeping with your boss,
do the rest of your coworkers
a favor
and keep it to yourself.

Folks might suspect
but until you admit to it,
it won’t be openly addressed
and your coworkers won’t be accused
of the same ethical transgression.

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