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For today’s post,
I originally wrote a response
to an article written
by a business builder.

Then I read the comments
on that article.
The commenters ripped the piece apart
sentence by sentence,
critiquing grammar and sentence structure.
The tone was overwhelmingly negative.

Yeah, those are not
the readers I want here.
Business building requires optimism
and hope and positivity.

When I market my adult romances
on social media,
I never mention movies or books or stars
that kids might search on.
I don’t want kids
reading my posts.

One of my buddies dislikes
dealing with bargain hunters.
She never gives away her products
or puts them on deep discount.
The freebie hounds stay away.

We often hear about marketing techniques
for reaching more people.
We don’t step back
and ask
if these are the customers
we want to attract.

What is your ideal customer?
What is the customer you don’t want?
Design your marketing
to appeal to your ideal customer
and to NOT appeal to the customer
you’d rather not have.

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