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I always knew
I would run my own business.
I didn’t know
what business it would be
but I knew
I’d be an entrepreneur.

So I prepared for it decades
before I launched.


I lived on a fraction
of my income
to prepare for
those financially lean building years.
When the hubby and I got married,
we decided we’d live
on one salary.

I worked hard
taking courses, working multiple jobs,
trying out different business ideas.
14 hour days were normal for me.
Working weekends was normal.

I’d always be selling.
I’d go to the bookstore
and talk other browsers
into buying books by my favorite authors.
I’d train myself
to naturally shake hands
and make small talk.

I looked at other ways
my life would change
when I became a full-time entrepreneur
and I made those changes.

When I DID make the leap,
the leap wasn’t that shocking.
Those months of earning nothing
didn’t hurt
because we never lived on my earnings.
Working until midnight every night
wasn’t much of a stretch
because I was already working hard.
Selling mode was natural for me
except now I was selling my own products.

Very few entrepreneurs wake up
one morning
and ‘become’ entrepreneurs.
We prepare for it.

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