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At writer chats,
writers often invite a friend
to talk with
and ask/answer questions.

This friend breaks the ice.
She’s first.
Once that first question is asked,
other readers chime in
with their questions.

Speakers use the same tactic
at presentations.
They’ll seed the audience
with friends who ask questions.

Heck, I know CEOs
who use this tactic
because they know interaction
is part of a good employee meeting.

No one wants to be first
so assign this job to someone.
If you’re hosting the event,
do the presenter a favor
and supply that someone.
If you’re a presenter,
give the host a list of questions
or have someone in the audience.
If you’re attending a presentation,
BE that someone.

It should only take a couple of seed questions
before audience members take over
but those couple of questions
will make a big difference.

Be prepared.
Seed the audience with questions.

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