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Many people believe
that leaders are managers
and managers are leaders.

Not true.

As Robyn Benincasa

“Managers are facilitators
of their team members’ success.
They ensure that their people
have everything they need
to be productive and successful;
that they’re well trained,
happy and
have minimal roadblocks in their path;
that they’re being groomed
for the next level;
that they are recognized
for great performance
and coached through their challenges.

Conversely, a leader can be anyone
on the team
who has a particular talent,
who is creatively thinking out of the box
and has a great idea,
who has experience
in a certain aspect of
the business or project
that can prove useful
to the manager and the team.
A leader leads based on strengths,
not titles.”

A manager needs a team.
A leader doesn’t
and leaders can be found in any role
in any organization.

Mentor your people to become leaders.
Become a leader yourself.

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