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Unless your product is free
(and often, even then),
you’ll receive complaints
about the price being too high.

You’ll never receive comments
about the price being too low.
You’ll rarely receive comments
about the price being exactly right.

So what do you do about these complaints?

If the prospect says
your product should be free
and doesn’t give a reason why,
ignore the complaint.
You can’t build a business
on giving away product.

If the prospect says
your competitor is offering
a similar product at a lower price,
you investigate.

If you receive a flood
of general “your price is too high” complaints,
examine what has changed.
Perhaps your marketing is targeting
the wrong prospects.
Perhaps something in your industry
has significantly changed
and your company must change
with it.

Receiving a complaint
that your price is too high
is NOT a reason to immediately lower your prices.
Think before you slash prices.

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