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John Bradberry

“I need you
to give me space
to be a hermit,
an obsessive geek or
even a crazed sales guy.
I will put in very long hours
that fall beyond the confines
of a convenient schedule.
Despite the popular myth about entrepreneurs,
there is no such thing as
“being your own boss.”
Instead, I’ll have many bosses.
When I say no to your lunch
or happy-hour invitations,
I won’t be feeling superior or aloof.
If I spend more time
with prospective clients
than with you,
don’t take it personally.
I’ll be married to my business for a while.”

For a long while.

I’m in that place right now
with the writing venture
and it is challenging,
especially during the summer
when it feels like
everyone else is sitting on patios
drinking beer.

Notice John Bradberry doesn’t mention choice.
We choose to work these crazy hours
the same way
corporate folks choose to go to work
on Mondays.
The long hours are often a requirement
to make our dreams happen.

If you know an entrepreneur,
please be understanding.
If you are an entrepreneur,
I’ll be working right beside you.

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