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When Laurann Dohner signed
a 75 book deal with Ellora’s Cave,

many in the literary world thought
both Laurann Dohner and Ellora’s Cave were crazy.
What if she wrote crap books?
What if her career took off
and she could earn more money elsewhere?
What if?

But by signing the 75 book deal,
readers were given a clear signal
that Laurann Dohner was a writer to watch.
Ellora’s Cave,
because they had so much invested
in her career,
took an active role in
managing and supporting it.
Laurann Dohner is now a regular name
on both the New York Times
and the USA Today best sellers lists.

When Rihanna, then an unknown singer,
signed a 6 record deal with
Jay-Z’s Def Jam Recordings,

many people in the music world
thought both sides were crazy.
Many artists don’t last in the business.
If Rihanna did last,
she might be able to make more money
somewhere else.

But the 6 record deal
sent a signal to the world.
Rihanna was talented,
Jay-Z believed in her,
and she’d be in the music business for a while.

Jay-Z often states
“I don’t sign songs, I sign artists.”
THAT is what a long term commitment is,
it is a tangible vote of confidence
in that person, that company, that relationship.

Yes, flexibility can be great
but long term commitments have benefits also.
Think about your partnerships
and the signals they send.

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