By k | April 29, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I am a fan of Bic pens
so I tried Bic shavers.
They didn’t work… at all.

I emailed customer service
to tell them
that the product was unworthy
of the Bic brand name.

I was told to mail them the product,
at my own expense,
and they’d send me a replacement.


WHY would I want a replacement
if the original product didn’t work?
Why would I spend my own money
to get this replacement?

The thing is…
I suspect the folks at Bic knew
I wouldn’t send the shavers in.
Their customer service was insincere.
They were faking it.

And this has colored my view
of the entire brand.

Your customers aren’t dumb asses.
They know when you’re faking
customer service.

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